"John is more than a realtor; he’s a trusted partner, advisor, and guide. As first time home buyers, he helped us find and purchase our home in Old Town Alexandria while still deployed in Hawaii. Even separated by 4,700 miles and six time zones, John was available and responsive. He found us the perfect house and deftly led us through the entire process from opening bid to closing. I cannot imagine a better first-time buying experience than the one John gave us."

John Bratton Realty is the best in town. We have used him for two home purchases and he has made us clients for life. He is always responsive to our goals, worked hard to find potential homes, and, when the time came, got us a tactical advantage in a competitive market. We saw his experience in the region work for us with home location, as well as knowing when to step up and be our advocate with the many players and potential pitfalls that can come with a home purchase. Thanks Bratton Realty!  

- The Bennett family

"The feeling of security of making the right decision were my thoughts when John handed us the keys to our new home."

We have used Bratton Realty as a buyer and seller multiple times. John was able to ease my anxiousness through his professional and personable approach immediately. His knowledge of the industry, as well as the area, put us at ease. And then he did his magic. I am confident Bratton Realty will exceed your expectations, whether buying or selling. 

 -Derek and Malik

"He just has magnetism, he is a genuine person and immediately connects with people. He's not somebody who's just trying to sell you something, he really does care about you."

- Will J. - Arlington, VA

"We would not have found our dream house in our dream neighborhood without John Bratton and Bratton Realty! After months of searching, we found the perfect home at a manageable price in our favorite neighborhood.  

It's now almost ten years later, and we still love our house and neighborhood as much as ever. And we still consider John Bratton a good friend!" -Larry Hyman and Tommaso Astarita, Woodley Park"

"I was honored to have attended John's Keeping it Real Bratton Realty event."

My extended family is so much a part of my business I often forget I am a real estate broker :) 

Mary and Bayo - NE "In particular to this house, we would not have this house if it were not for John's great work and dedication."

Dan and CJ "John taught us everything we needed to know about buying our first home in DC and made the process incredibly smooth. He fought tirelessly to find houses fitting our criteria as soon as they landed on the market, and was constantly at our disposal to tour them. We recommend him to all our friends looking to buy in the DMV!"

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