Using your Military VA Benefits

VA Loans, Down Payments, & Insurance

We would love to help you with your military transition. If you need assistance purchasing a new home or selling let us know. We have 20 years of experience working with the military community.

Getting Started with the VA Loan Process

Whether you’re buying your first home, PCSing to a new base, or looking to upgrade there are some basic military home-buying tips to make the stress much less. Bratton Realty has worked with the military community for over 20 years. 

The approval process for obtaining a VA loan can be overwhelming and we believe you have earned the right to avoid the frustration related getting your loan. After all, you put in the work serving our country and shouldn't have to experience the fog-of-buying a home. 

In this article, John, Army veteran is going to walk you through the your first steps in applying for a VA home loan. John is an expert and will work hard to find your perfect home. 


John Bratton, Army Veteran

John is a genius when it comes to military navigating the VA loan application process. He has successfully worked with the military community for over 20 years in both buying and selling. He understands the friction and sense of urgency with PCSing or transitioning out of the military. His expertise with the VA will play in your favor by getting the best rates, lowest down payment, and quick turnaround. 

Need Some Help Getting VA Loan Started?

John will provide you free guidance on how to navigate the VA loan process, avoid extra fees, and lengthy approval process. As a veteran, John understands you don't have the time to spend in an agent's office or completing overwhelming applications. Trust him to get the job done.