Hi, I’m John Bratton.

The business of bringing people together one client at a time is a perfect fit for John’s capacity to love, care, and bound with his clients, family, friends, and neighbors. 

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John jumped into real estate with both feet in 1999 in search of a career and life style that embodied professional freedom, financial independence, community involvement, and personal creativity. As a former star sprinter and lifecoach whose personal and professional life has always been guided by the mindset of “Know No Limits,” John did not know the meaning of a slow start. By that time, he had already completed his bachelor’s in Business Management with a minor in Military Science, been Commissioned as an Army Logistics Officer, served our country during Desert Storm, earned an MBA, and had a successful ten-year career in Higher Education.  

In 1993, after leading 156 men and women to war and back, John earned his MBA with a thesis that focused on helping veterans transition from military to civilian life and embarked on a new career at Strayer University. His career took him at lightning speed from Admissions Counselor to Campus Director responsible for running an entire campus. At the same time, John designed and built a special outreach program and education model for Strayer University that taught high-tech college-credit programs onsite at a multitude of tech corporations and government agencies like Computers Science Corp, TASK Corp, Bell Atlantic/AT&T, GSA, Dept of Labor, and more. John’s career in education later took him to George Washington University where he served as the Director of Marketing and Admissions for the master’s and PhD programs at GW’s Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.  

In 1999, John felt the need for speed again so he launched himself into the world of real estate. Within two years of walking out of his GWU office, John went from Agent at Long & Foster Chevy Chase to Owner and Broker of Bratton Realty, which he launched in April 2001 with the mission to make real estate more about people than about the structures. John did not form a TEAM or a GROUP, he built a REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE FIRM...just as Wes Foster did in 1968. His motto is “The Business of Bringing People Together” and to that end, John’s number one focus was to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. That focus proved to be incredibly successful, and Bratton Realty grew to about 10 agents with boutique brick and mortar locations in Georgetown, Logan Circle, and Shaw, with thebrokerage serving the entire Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland region.

But in about 2012, John looked around his massive client appreciation party and realized that he no longer had the most important element of his business: a direct relationship with his clients. In that Aha! Moment, John realized that his definition of a successful business was not transactional nor was it volume nor was it year end commission: instead, John wanted relationships to be his business motto and his legacy. Within two years, John reshaped Bratton Realty into a brokerage of one. Every buyer and seller works 100% with John from start to finish on every transaction, at every home inspection, on every tour, at every closing, and for every open house, and John writesevery contract. 

The results are in and the feedback is through the roof. John has been to more weddings, baby showers, promotion parties, retirement ceremonies, and housewarming parties than he can count. Most important to him, he is called Uncle John by so many of his clients’ kids that he has to have kid parties. He is especially proud of the trust and love he receives from his military and veteran clients. 

The Business of Bringing People Together one client at a time truly is a perfect fit for John’s capacity to love, educate, and bond -- with his clients, family, friends, and neighbors. It has earned him the title of The Digital Mayor Of Capitol Hill.

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