John Bratton

John is a genius when it comes to military navigating the VA loan application process. He has successfully worked with the military community for over 20 years in both buying and selling. He understands the friction and sense of urgency with PCSing or transitioning out of the military. His expertise with the VA will play in your favor by getting the best rates, lowest down payment, and quick turnaround. 

A Community Agent

John started his practice 20 years ago and since has been recongized in the DMV area for bringing people together. When selling your home, he considers every detail from high-end staging all the way through to "leather chair" closings. He not only streamlines and simplifies the process, but he's actually found a way to make selling your home exciting.  

John knows that selling a home can be an emotional time. He also knows that selling your home at the right price can help make those emotions a little more positive. He finds you the best price while emphasizing transparency throughout the process.